iTek continues the “refresh” of its range

There are 5 series to be launched: NOOXES X10, MYSTERIOUS, OPTOIX, T-MASK and VERVE.

After the launch of a few weeks ago of the houses QBO 8, Epsylon, Prime and Sylent Mini, iTek continues the refresh of the range presenting 5 new products: NOOXES X10, MYSTERIOUS, OPTOIX, T-MASK and VERVE.

Four of the five new cabinets feature the brand new “ARYA” addressable kit. This solution includes a HUB able to manage up to 9 RGB LED fans / strips of the same family, supplied according to the various models, thus customizing the incredible lighting effect through the motherboard software, or button or remote control. We remind you that this kit is also sold separately.


The MYSTERIOUS case is one of the TOP solutions proposed by iTek.
This “Full Tower”, with its excellent 33mm “cable management”, is able to accommodate, in addition to the standard ATX, mATX and Mini ITX formats, also motherboards in E-ATX format that can be inserted in a solid 0.9mm solid structure thick. Really generous structure in the spaces where it is possible to install VGA up to 440mm in length and heat sinks up to 180mm high.

A feature that distinguishes this case is the possibility of instantly removing the two magnetic panels placed in the front wall, and in the upper one, for an easy and fast cleaning as well as a comfortable and pleasant assembly experience.

The perforated front wall offers an exceptional “air flow” to the system and hides inside it the 3 addressable RGB ARYA fans. Fans that can also be installed on the top or back of the case, as well as liquid cooling.


OPTOIX is a cabinet with incredible charm. It is equipped with a glass front
tempered that reveals the 3 ARYA fans, which, combined with the present LED strip, create a very suggestive optical effect.
On the side of the panel there are slits that guarantee a good “air flow”.

We could not miss the transparent side wall, also in tempered glass, to show off the internal components that can be easily assembled thanks to the excellent 28mm “cable management”. The structure, with a thickness of 0.7mm, is able, among other things, to accommodate VGA up to 395mm in length, heat sinks up to 180mm and various fans in the front, top, rear and in the BOU cover PSU / HDD. In this case it is possible to install liquid coolings up to 240mm.

Case T-Mask e VERVE

T-Mask and Verve are two cabinets with a very attractive design, characterized by futuristic lines thanks to the RGB addressable LED strips on the front, the latter equipped with large side slits to ensure an excellent air flow.

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, the technical peculiarities are also noteworthy.
The structures are almost identical: 0.7mm thick where VGA can be installed up to 370mm, heat sinks up to 179mm and up to 8 fans, one of which, model ARYA 120mm, we find in the back of the case.
The side wall is in tempered glass and inside there is an excellent 28mm “cable management”. In these houses it is possible to install liquid coolings up to 280mm.


Finally, we present the NOOXES 10.
It is a product with an excellent value for money, as well as an attractive and extremely versatile solution.
Unlike the other houses just presented, NOOXES 10 is not equipped with fans inside.

This configuration has been designed to allow the user the maximum customization of the “air flow” system, thus choosing which and how many fans to install, whether with or without LEDs since it is possible to install up to 8 from 120mm.

A good 19mm cable management is present, and there is the possibility to mount VGA up to 375mm, heat sinks no higher than 155m and watercooler in the front up to 240mm.

The side wall is transparent in acrylic, like the front one, where we find a detail with the TAURUS logo, with RGB lighting managed by the reset button.

Like all iTek brand products, the warranty is 24 months

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