COMPACT CASES: the new concept of ITEK

Small dimensions without losing in aesthetics & performance

The market asks and we respond. In fact, following the continuous demand for compact but captivating and performing solutions, we have developed two new cases that we are sure will satisfy even the most demanding users. The ITEK EVOKE BRO and GALAXY 2Q cases represent the new way of understanding “the cabinet” in terms of dimensions and concepts and are extremely versatile for various solutions and applications.

Let’s start with the GALAXY 2Q, an extraordinary case in terms of aesthetics, performance and above all versatility. In fact, with very small dimensions it is possible to assemble very high performance systems, with video cards positioned both vertically and horizontally long up to 336mm. High heatsinks up to 138mm (with horizontal VGA), even 240mm liquid (unusual in a case of this size!), and different options for 3.5″ and 2.5″ HDD and SSD. The Galaxy 2Q case SFX format power supplies (for example our GX that we will see below) and Mini ITX motherboards.

The assembly is facilitated by a 12mm “cable management” and the interlocking side bulkheads. The air flow is facilitated by the 2 ARGB fans supplied and by the almost completely perforated side bulkhead on the MB side. If performance is preferred over aesthetics, a second fully perforated ABS front panel is supplied, which with a simple “click” can replace the pre-installed glass one.

Since the eye also wants its part, in addition to the splendid fans on the front, there is an ARGB strip positioned in the lower part, for a truly WOW effect, all managed by the HUB with remote control, or by the button on the front next to the USB 3.0 ports, audio and power. Galaxy 2Q, a unique product of its kind!

EVOKE BRO is the new version of our EVOKE, which features a front with a stronger character and a side bulkhead in transparent glass. In just 303mm in height, 185mm in width and 391mm in length, it is possible to mount motherboards in Micro ATX and Mini ITX format, SFX or ATX power supplies, video cards vertically or horizontally, heatsinks up to 155mm high (with GPU horizontal), but also liquid cooling of 240mm. Ventilation and thermal stability are guaranteed thanks to the almost completely perforated walls (side and top) and the possibility of installing various 8 and 12cm fans. Also important is the number of predispositions for 3.5 “and 2.5” HDD / SSD, the latter up to 7 units.

Thanks to the attention in the design, to the details, to the interlocking side bulkheads (without screws), to a good cable management (rare in solutions of this type), the assembly will be comfortable, fast and fun!
The materials are of the highest level, aesthetically it has a very elegant appearance, and the black on black logo is truly fascinating.

Having added to our catalog a proposal of mini ITX cases that require level power supplies in SFX format, we could not avoid integrating our line of PSUs with two versions, precisely, in SFX format, 550W and 650W. Both fully modular and 80 PLUS® GOLD certified. GX550 EVO and GX650 EVO are presented with a new layout maintaining the same build quality and reliability of the previous models thanks also to the high quality Japanese 105c capacitors, 92mm FDB “Fluid Dynamic Bearing” fan with Thermal Control and PCB optimized for the dimensions!!

Tutti gli articoli presentati sono già disponibili online e presso i rivenditori autorizzati, scopri qui i prezzi riservati al pubblico.


ITGCAEVKS2 Case EVOKE BRO – New Concept Mini Tower € 85,00 i.i.
ITGCAGAL2Q Case GALAXY 2Q – ITX Mini Tower € 89,00 i.i.
ITPSEGX550 Alimentatore GX550 EVO – SFX, 550W, 80Plus Gold € 119,00 i.i.
ITPSEGX650 Alimentatore GX650 EVO – SFX, 650W, 80Plus Gold € 129,00 i.i.



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 ITEK Staff

ITEK was founded in 1999 as a high-tech brand specialized in the production of accessories and PC cases. Over the years it has been committed to continuous updates of the product lines in line with the various demands of the market, resulting in being able to offer high-performance and technologically advanced products, always with an eye to sales and after-sales services. In 2016 the renewal of the entire line of gaming peripherals was announced, presenting TAURUS. The PMs have worked on increasing the quality of design and production, as well as renewing them completely design by creating a whole new range of items that will bear the symbol of the bull.
In 2020, ITEK takes a further evolutionary step through the restyling of its brand and the related launch of various products in the catalogue with a new logo.


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COMPACT CASES: the new concept of ITEK