We enchant the Enthusiast market with the BYZON series: with 2 new homes we offer 4 different solutions!

We enchant the Enthusiast market with the BYZON series: with 2 new homes we offer 4 different solutions!

In constant research and development, we put attention to solutions that leave the user with a performance and aesthetic choice.
With the launch of the BYZON chassis, we want to put the accent on the maximum customization of the case and on the public’s preference for determining the relationship between performance and image.

In these solutions we have adopted two different front panels, both inside the package and interchangeable thanks to the four convenient screws supplied, one in 4mm tempered glass and the other in entirely perforated ABS. The first one suited to the aesthetics of its setup and the second designed for those who never give up a perfect airflow

It is precisely the flow of air, the prerogative of these solutions, which can be managed independently by the user, thanks to the provision for as many as 8 fans. In the “ADVANCED” version we find 5, of the ARYA ARGB 120mm series, pre-installed, of which 3 are front and 2 on the back, connected to the relative HUB, already known on the market for the ease of management of the extraordinary lighting effect through: controller, the reset button, the supplied remote control or through the motherboard software.

BYZON is an extremely versatile case, which can install in addition to the ATX, mATX and Mini ITX standards, motherboards in E-ATX format. The structure is able to accommodate VGA up to 400mm in length and heat sinks up to 175mm high. Various possibilities for installing liquid cooling up to 240mm, in the front, in the back, or in the lower part. On the front we find 4 USB ports, two of which 3.0.

Another peculiarity is in the position of the feeder, which is assembled in the upper part of the cabinet vertically, to leave all the necessary space for the other components, so that it is easy to assemble, comfortable cable management, here 35mm, and excellent flow air. At the same time, all the hardware to be installed can be proudly admired by the transparent side wall in 4mm tempered glass.

Case BYZON | ITGCABZ10 | Public price 69.90€
Case BYZON ADVANCED | ITGCABZA10 | Public price 119.90€

The new iTek TAURUS power supplies

A quantum leap in desktop power supplies: iTek TAURUS!
A new range, consisting of 3 lines and 8 products,
to inaugurate 2019.

Guarantee of reliability and high quality components: these are the essential prerogatives chosen by iTek in the research and development of the first line of desktop power supplies marked Taurus (recognizable by the central “badge” in the fan grid).
Reliability is guaranteed by 80Plus® certifications, reaching Gold identification for the first time.

On the quality of the components, in order to further increase it, Taiwanese (WN and BS series) and 100% Japanese (GF series) condensers and HDB and FDB “Fluid Dynamic Bearing” extremely silent and long-lived fans together with top quality materials were chosen .

There are three models: Taurus WN, Taurus BS, Taurus GF. On an aesthetic level, the chassis has a black color with a “rough” anti-scratch effect.
Easy installation is allowed by the convenient “flat” cables supplied.
Protection circuits: (OVP, SCP, OPP, OVP, UVP, SIP)
They will be available by the end of the month at the best distributors and official retailers.

We immediately dedicate the attention to the TOP range, the TAURUS GF line.

Available with powers from 650W, 750W and 850W and an efficiency that exceeds 90% to 50% of load (which allowed to obtain the prestigious 80Plus® Gold certification), these PSUs, completely modular “free plug”, are equipped with of active PFC and feature premium quality 105c Japanese capacitors. The 120mm fan exploits the FDB “Fluid Dynamic Bearing” technology which ensures unparalleled silence, excellent dissipation and a very long life.


ITPSTGF650 – TAURUS GF650 Price: 85.90€ i.i.
ITPSTGF750 – TAURUS GF750 Price: 94.90€ i.i.
ITPSTGF850 – TAURUS GF750 Price: 115.90€ i.i.

Now let’s see the iTek TAURUS BS power supplies. With an efficiency of over 85% to 50% load, he was awarded the 80Plus® Bronze certification. Two variants available based on power, 650W and 750W. Also with active PFC, they integrate a silent 120mm “hydraulic bearing” fan with thermal control. The capacitors mounted are the Taiwanese Teapo 105c and the wiring is of the semi-modular “free plug” type.

ITPSTBS650 – TAURUS BS650 Price: 65.90€ i.i.
ITPSTBS750 – TAURUS BS750 Price: 74.90€ i.i.

Active PFC, silent 120mm “hydraulic bearing” fan with thermal control, and Taiwanese Teapo 105c condensers also distinguish the TAURUS WN series which completes the range with three versions, 500W, 600W and 700W respectively.
The WN series has achieved 80Plus® White certification showing an efficiency that reaches 85% to 50% load.

ITPSTWN500     –  TAURUS WN500 Price: 49.90€ i.i.
ITPSTWN600     –  TAURUS WN600 Price: 54.90€ i.i.
ITPSTWN700     –  TAURUS WN700 Price: 59.90€ i.i.

To view the tests performed and the data relating to the various 80PLUS® efficiencies click here .

After the success of the previous series, iTek presents the new TAURUS P4 Gaming Chair.

The gaming chair is confirmed as one of the most popular products in the enthusiast market and iTek, always attentive to market demand, continues its evolution, offering new models, new colors and new features. Users have always seen quality, style and excellent price. Added to these features is the powerful functionality due to the ergonomic design that allows to improve and optimize the posture during long gaming or work sessions, obtaining great benefits.

Taurus P4, here is the name of the new series.

This wraparound model is made with an exclusive design, covered in polyurethane synthetic leather, and offers
a generous padding in addition to the backrest and seat, also in the armrests. The chair is height adjustable and can be rotated 360 °.
Moreover, since the eye also wants its part, it is proposed in different color combinations.

There are 5 colors for the Taurus P4 version, the predominant color is black, and the details are finished in the following shades: black, green, blue, red and white.


The suggested price is € 149.9 VAT included

Comfort, sturdiness and style are confirmed key words for the Taurus by iTek Gaming Chair.

All the packages include the instruction booklet and the relative components for the assembly that turns out simple and fast.