EVOLIQ The evolution of liquid heatsinks @itek

Thus begins, to the cry of Evolution is the best Revolution, the evolution of the entire itek catalogue. Today we introduce to the market the new line of liquid coolers with our new logo on the waterblock: so welcome to EVOLIQ. There are three new products on the list, all ARGB, which differ in the [...]


Evolving means growing, transforming and becoming the best version of yourself. The rebranding of itek starts from the concept of evolution. The claim that accompanies this historical change of the brand is "Evolution is the best revolution". Yes, because often the best solution is not to upset everything but to take the good things that [...]

Top aesthetics and maximum functionality for the new iTek Taurus cases Universal ARGB fans and controllers, a plus on all models

Today we present five new chassis to tickle the curiosity of our fans with cutting-edge proposals and captivating aesthetics. Three middle tower solutions: THE ROCK, SHAKE, FROOME and two midi: EPSYLON 2.0 and QBO 8 EVO. Let's look at them in detail, starting from THE ROCK. It is an extremely versatile and functional solution. The [...]

MAJES 20, the habit that makes the monk. The new cabinet able to enhance the best of the hardware on the market.

Today we present a new case that is added to the iTek Taurus Addressable RGB range. Its name is MAJES 20, it is black in color, and is available in two variants, MAJES 20 and MAJES 20 Mesh, which differ only in the front respectively in tempered glass or precisely mesh / perforated for those [...]

iTek TAURUS GGC and GGF Different monitors for all types of applications: Gaming, Office & Creators

Following on from the success of the Taurus Resolux monitors, we have focused on research in recent months and the development of this product category, to present today as many as 7 new products that make it up two lines of LCD screens. From the beginning, the goal was to offer items with characteristics performing [...]

Cool the hot summer of your PC … with the new iTek Taurus coolers!

There is perhaps a better time for the whole year to announce two new product lines for heat dissipation? Let's start by presenting immediately the new line of liquid coolers called TAURUS TLC: four new products, of which three are ARGB and one with red LED. These are all-in-one liquid cooling systems that are pre-filled [...]

Smart devices for mobile charging! This is the new iTek catalog proposal

Always a point of reference in PC power supply, starting today we insert in the catalog 8 new smart items for mobile recharging. And it's not the only news. Today we present what for us at iTek is one of the novelties of 2019, namely the "smart" accessories line for charging devices such as smartphones, [...]

We enchant the Enthusiast market with the BYZON series: with 2 new homes we offer 4 different solutions!

In constant research and development, we put attention to solutions that leave the user with a performance and aesthetic choice. With the launch of the BYZON chassis, we want to put the accent on the maximum customization of the case and on the public's preference for determining the relationship between performance and image. In these [...]

The new iTek TAURUS power supplies

A quantum leap in desktop power supplies: iTek TAURUS! A new range, consisting of 3 lines and 8 products, to inaugurate 2019. Guarantee of reliability and high quality components: these are the essential prerogatives chosen by iTek in the research and development of the first line of desktop power supplies marked Taurus (recognizable by the [...]

After the success of the previous series, iTek presents the new TAURUS P4 Gaming Chair.

The gaming chair is confirmed as one of the most popular products in the enthusiast market and iTek, always attentive to market demand, continues its evolution, offering new models, new colors and new features. Users have always seen quality, style and excellent price. Added to these features is the powerful functionality due to the ergonomic [...]

iTek continues the “refresh” of its range

There are 5 series to be launched: NOOXES X10, MYSTERIOUS, OPTOIX, T-MASK and VERVE. After the launch of a few weeks ago of the houses QBO 8, Epsylon, Prime and Sylent Mini, iTek continues the refresh of the range presenting 5 new products: NOOXES X10, MYSTERIOUS, OPTOIX, T-MASK and VERVE. Four of the five new [...]

New iTek Gaming Desks

ITek Taurus expands its catalogue: welcome, Gaming Desks!     With great enthusiasm we present a new category produced in the ITek Taurus range: following the Gaming Chairs, the Gaming Desks are finally here. Essentials for the most avid fans and much-needed for all users who are looking for an appealing solution in the right [...]

New Liquid CPU Cooler ICEBLACK

Liquid CPU Cooler ICEBLACK 120/240 RGB: The newest comer in iTek stands out for its avant-garde and versatility.   Today we present the new iTek liquid cooling system. ICEBLACK is an "All in one" pre-filled, therefore free from maintenance and refills, and is demonstrated immediately practical, silent and efficient. With its extraordinary design, the pump [...]

iTek introduces a couple of news in Taurus gaming peripherals line, strictly RGB: A mechanical keyboard and a mouse, both programmable.

iTek Taurus confirms itself as a trendy brand for gamers across all categories, from chairs to headsets, from pads to cases. Nowadays RGB technology is a must for the enthusiast market, so it is impossible to not follow the trend for satisfy users' requests, even the most demanding ones. In the last few days, they [...]

iTek jump to capitalize on gaming chairs with the new Taurus E1 series. Exclusive design and additional color in the range.

The gaming chair is confirmed as one of the most requested products in the enthusiast market. iTek chooses to continue to follow the trend thanks to the more than positive response received so far. Users have always noticed quality, style and excellent price. Added to these features, the high-performance functionality, due to the studied ergonomic [...]

iTek presents its first air cooler heatsink: Taurus BELZER

Two available versions: red LED or RGB one. The latest innovation launched by iTek is an air-cooling system. Unstoppable in this new season, the company adds a piece to the Taurus series, introducing a further solution to keep your desktop system efficient and well ventilated: iTek Taurus BELZER RED and Taurus BELZER RGB. iTek TAURUS [...]

iTek opens the new season presenting its new gaming cases: integrated and autonomous RGB solutions.

There are 3 series to be launched: Bi-Turbo EVO, Lunar and Cosmic, for a total of 5 models. Rigorously transparent side panels, new materials such as tempered glass, RGB fans with controllers and remote control included, innovative internal structures for easy assemblage: these are the peculiarities of the chassis just launched by iTek. The new [...]

iTek focuses on gaming chairs with the Taurus S2 and P3 series

After the successful launch of the new category, here you have the presentation of new features and colors. iTek fans and the enthusiast audience in general have answered positively to the launch of the new category of gaming chairs. They found quality, style and great price. Users, in addition, note that they have been projected [...]

New liquid cooling system ICERED

Available in two version: with 120mm single fan or with 240mm double fans. The latest iTek product is an all-in-one liquid cooling system. The R & D department of the company has worked hard to perfect the newborn in the category that already brings great satisfaction for a couple of years. In fact, the enthusiast [...]