New iTek Gaming Desks

ITek Taurus expands its catalogue: welcome, Gaming Desks!



With great enthusiasm we present a new category produced in the ITek Taurus range: following the Gaming Chairs, the Gaming Desks are finally here. Essentials for the most avid fans and much-needed for all users who are looking for an appealing solution in the right space. This is iTek Taurus GAMDES ONE.

The versions already available in Italy are two, GAMDES ONE RED and GAMDES ONE RGB.

iTek GAMDES ONE Red, is a desk designed with high quality materials, such as wood for the base and steel for the “Z” frame, guaranteeing solidity and stability. Together with the details for maximum customization, the desk comes with adjustable feets to avoid movements in case of an uneven floor. This model, which measures 123 cm (L) * 74 cm (H) * 66 cm (W), is equipped with red LED lighting.

iTek GAMDES ONE RGB, with about the same size – 123 cm (L) * 75.5 cm (H) * 67.8 cm (W) – and the wooden base with aluminium plate, is proposed with a fully aluminium frame. The details are in ABS, as well as for the Red model. The same accessories, such as adjustable feets, are available in the package to best suit your needs. The supplied RGB LED allows to customize the lighting both in the upper part and the frame, adjusting it to a fixed color to choose between blue, green, red, light blue, purple, yellow, white or with two different effects.

The packs include the instruction booklet and the relevant components for a quick and easy assembly.

Suggested retail prices are as follows:

ITGDGO12R iTek GAMDES ONE Red: 269,90 € inc. VAT

ITGDGO12RGB iTek GAMDES ONE RGB: 359,90 € inc. VAT


ITek intends to continue to conquer the enthusiast market with this new solution, a solid and sturdy product, in line with the current gaming trends but with a sober style and reduced dimensions.

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