ITEK SHOWBUI, when the clothes make the man. ITEK SKETLIQ and EVOLIQ V2, the top for reliability, performance and silence.

We begin the “hottest” and busiest season of the year for the IT sector by revealing two great new entries that officially become part of one of the most important product categories in the itek catalogue: gaming cases.
To satisfy the continuous demand of users and their constant need for performance, versatility, space and ease of assembly in a single solution, we have developed the SHOWBUI series , two new cabinets with a simple and elegant design and high-level features.


Itek SHOWBUI , also available in a white version , is designed with a front and side bulkhead in tempered glass specifically designed to enhance the components that will be installed inside.

A detail that catches attention is the side bulkhead equipped with a convenient interlocking opening, without screws, for immediate access to the hardware and a modern aesthetic.

The latest generation structure allows it to accommodate the best hardware on the market and there is a lot of space internally.
In fact, it is possible to install latest generation video cards up to 430mm long , 183mm high air heat sinks , liquid cooling up to 360mm , several additional fans, all assembled easily and cleanly thanks also to the 31mm cable management .

The SHOWBUI cases integrate the latest generation of “infinity Mirror ARGB” fans , all managed by the convenient HUB and related remote control and, alternatively, by the reset button or directly from the motherboard.
Inside we find 4 which ensure optimal and powerful air flow as well as lively and suggestive lighting.

In addition to these innovations already available and purchasable online and at the stores of our official partners, we have also decided to expand our range of ARGB liquid heatsinks with 240mm radiator by introducing a brand new liquid cooler, SKETLIQ 240, and the refresh of two top of range.


Itek SKETLIQ 240 is a pre-filled “All In One” liquid cooling system which therefore does not require maintenance or refills. The pump used is produced by the leading company in the sector, with ceramic bearings and is ultra silent.
The large base plate is made of copper (oxygenfree) to ensure the best possible performance.

The EVOLIQ 240 V2 series , both the “black” and “white” versions, are the second generation of the successful line of heat sinks much appreciated by users for their reliability, performance and silence, and have been even further improved in both the radiator and the fans PWM for truly incredible heat dissipation quality and silence!

The SKETLIQ and EVOLIQ liquid coolers are universally compatible with all Intel® and AMD® CPUs .
And since the eye also wants its part, they are all equipped with addressable RGB pump and fans that can be connected to the motherboard or to the controller/hub of the case (when present) for a truly exceptional aesthetic result. We always remember that the EVOLIQ water block is rotatable , so as to always have the logo in the right direction whether an Intel® or AMD® platform is cooling

All the items presented are already available online and at authorized retailers, discover the prices reserved for the public here.

SHOWBUI 45 case from €115 ii (black) and €120 ii (white)
EVOLIQ heatsink from €85 ii (black) and €99 ii (white)
SKETLIQ heatsink from €89 ii



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 ITEK Staff

ITEK was founded in 1999 as a high-tech brand specialized in the production of accessories and PC cases. Over the years it has been committed to continuous updates of the product lines in line with the various demands of the market, resulting in being able to offer high-performance and technologically advanced products, always with an eye to sales and after-sales services. In 2016 the renewal of the entire line of gaming peripherals was announced, presenting TAURUS. The PMs have worked on increasing the quality of design and production, as well as renewing them completely design by creating a whole new range of items that will bear the symbol of the bull.
In 2020, ITEK takes a further evolutionary step through the restyling of its brand and the related launch of various products in the catalogue with a new logo.


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