Itek PILOT, versatile cabinets for Home, Office & Educational solutions!

ITEK expands its catalog by presenting the new PILOT cases that will amaze you with their top-level features. Specifically, it is a series of cabinets designed to offer maximum quality, versatility and efficiency, in small dimensions.
PILOT cases are perfect for those looking for Home, Office & Educational solutions.

PILOT Z1, with just one liter of volume, is the most compact version of the entire series.

Aesthetically very beautiful and versatile, this case can be positioned anywhere and, thanks to the supplied stand, it is possible to place it vertically, or take advantage of the VESA module.

The Asus(R) H610 motherboard is already pre-assembled inside, capable of hosting latest generation processors, RAM and storage. The WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 module is also already installed internally.

On the front panel there are 3 USB ports, two of which are 3.1 and one TypeC in addition to the 4 on the back: two USB2.0, one USB3.1 and one TypeC Gen 2.

PILOT Z8, with a volume of 8 litres, is the middle ground compared to the other versions.

It is a case with a very solid, beautiful and professional structure. The feature that distinguishes the PILOT Z8 is its versatility, i.e. the possibility of positioning it vertically or horizontally.

On the front there are 5 USB ports, of which two 3.0, two 2.0, and one TypeC Gen2.

There is also a 9.5″ Slim CD/DVD RW optical drive as well as a convenient card reader.

PILOT Z8 can accommodate MATX and MiniITX Motherboards and a silent and efficient 300W power supply is already installed inside.

PILOT Z15 with only 15 liters and a solid and elegant structure, it is the most voluminous case of the series.

This cabinet can accommodate MATX and MiniITX motherboards as well as standard ATX power supplies.

On the front you can find 5 USB ports, of which two 3.0, two 2.0, and one TypeC Gen2. Furthermore, there is also a 9.5″ Slim CD/DVD RW optical drive.

All the items presented are already available online and at authorized retailers.


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 ITEK Staff

ITEK was founded in 1999 as a high-tech brand specialized in the production of accessories and PC cases. Over the years it has been committed to continuous updates of the product lines in line with the various demands of the market, resulting in being able to offer high-performance and technologically advanced products, always with an eye to sales and after-sales services. In 2016 the renewal of the entire line of gaming peripherals was announced, presenting TAURUS. The PMs have worked on increasing the quality of design and production, as well as renewing them completely design by creating a whole new range of items that will bear the symbol of the bull.
In 2020, ITEK takes a further evolutionary step through the restyling of its brand and the related launch of various products in the catalogue with a new logo.


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