iTek introduces a couple of news in Taurus gaming peripherals line, strictly RGB: A mechanical keyboard and a mouse, both programmable.

iTek introduces a couple of news in Taurus gaming peripherals line, strictly RGB: A mechanical keyboard and a mouse, both programmable.

iTek Taurus confirms itself as a trendy brand for gamers across all categories, from chairs to headsets, from pads to cases.

Nowadays RGB technology is a must for the enthusiast market, so it is impossible to not follow the trend for satisfy users’ requests, even the most demanding ones.

In the last few days, they have been introduced the last two iTek items, both peripherals, specifically one keyboard and a mouse. Every device with exceptional performances. Let’s go down into the details.

Here it is, iTek TAURUS X30 is the keyboard destined to become the must have of the catalog. Ideal for gamers and pro-gamers, it is equipped with highly performing blue mechanical switches.

The peculiarity of the TAURUS X30 is the RGB backlight present not only in the keys, but also laterally, thus creating a multicolored effect of lights around the keyboard that is really appealing.

Each key, produced with a double injection of Gemini plastic, is “suspended”, allowing a simple and immediate cleaning.

The full black body is made of a very resistant alloy, further supported by an internal metal plate for a greater stability. Additional features of the X30 include: macro, multimedia, N-KeyRollover, anti-ghosting, polling and Windows locking. Moreover, from the website it is possible to easily download a very intuitive software in order to program and customize the keyboard.

The same support is also guaranteed for the iTek TAURUS G60 mouse, it is in fact planned the possibility to take advantage of the MACRO functions, as well as customize the RGB backlighting.

TAURUS G60 is in fact a programmable gaming mouse with extraordinary details and performances.

It is equipped with Omron switch and Avago A3050 engine that allows up to 4000DPI. It has a polling frequency at 1000Hz and a response time of 1ms, 8 times faster than conventional gaming mice.

iTek TAURUS X30 and G60 will be available from March 2018 in the official network of Italian distributors, dealers and online shops of the brand; at a recommended retail price of € 64.90 and € 19.90 including VAT.

Keep improving your gaming experience… with iTek TAURUS.

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iTek jump to capitalize on gaming chairs with the new Taurus E1 series. Exclusive design and additional color in the range.

The gaming chair is confirmed as one of the most requested products in the enthusiast market. iTek chooses to continue to follow the trend thanks to the more than positive response received so far.

Users have always noticed quality, style and excellent price.

Added to these features, the high-performance functionality, due to the studied ergonomic design, allows to improve and optimize the posture during long sessions of play or work, drawing great benefits from it.

Taurus E1, this is how we named the new series.

This model, with exclusive design and pure “racing” style details, is covered in synthetic polyurethane leather, perforated, for better breathability. The chair is equipped with two cushions, a headrest and a lumbar cushion:

it is allowed the recline of the backrest, the adjustment of the height and of the armrests (angular and in height) and moreover it is 360 ° turnable.

Minimal, but fashion detail is the new “quilted” effect on the backrest profile and on the seat, in the same color as the chair finishes, color also taken up in the central part and on the star base. The star base is produced with “nylon” material that certifies its solidity, resistance and durability over time. The upholstery, with a consistent padding, is very nice and comfortable.

There are 5 colors for the Taurus E1 version of iTek gaming chair, the predominant color is black, and the details are finished in the following shades: green, blue, white, red, and finally a new entry, purple color.

The range of chairs so far composed of 5 versions, Taurus P1, P2, P3, S1 and S2, adds TAURUS E1, with an attractive design, with advanced features and a new color, thus reaching as many as 26 different models in the catalogue.

Comfort, strength and style are confirmed as key words for iTek Taurus Gaming Chair.

All packages include the instruction manual and the related assembly components. Assemble is simple and quick.

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iTek presents its first air cooler heatsink: Taurus BELZER

Two available versions: red LED or RGB one.

The latest innovation launched by iTek is an air-cooling system.

Unstoppable in this new season, the company adds a piece to the Taurus series, introducing a further solution to keep your desktop system efficient and well ventilated: iTek Taurus BELZER RED and Taurus BELZER RGB.

iTek TAURUS BELZER, is a very functional and practical CPU cooler with a unique design, designed to offer top performance and maximum silence. It is equipped with 4 copper heatpipes and the related aluminum fins, all of a strictly dark black color. The LED fan measures 120x120x25mm with Long Life Bearing and PWM 4pin connector.

On the upper part the TAURUS logo is clearly visible, which, together with the LEDs on the side, will light up to offer a truly exceptional optical effect: completely red in the RED model, or multicolored in the RGB version.

Taurus BELZER RGB is also equipped with a special remote control to manage the frequency, speed, light intensity and all the effects: Flash, Strobe, Fade and Smooth, together with on/off.

Maximum compatibility with Intel and AMD CPUs.

Here you have details:
Intel: LGA775 / 1155 / 1156 / 1366 / 2011 / 2066 (Core i3/i5/i7 CPU)
AMD: AM4 / FM2 / FM1 / AM3+ / AM3 / AM2+ / AM2 CPU

Further specifications:

Air Flow: 69.36CFM (MAX.)

Speed: 500-1800rpm

Air pressure: 2.08mmH2O (MAX.)

Nominal voltage: DC12V

Noise level: 31.6dBA (MAX.)

Radiator dimensions: 131x49x158mm

As for all iTek products, the warranty is 24 months.

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iTek opens the new season presenting its new gaming cases: integrated and autonomous RGB solutions.

There are 3 series to be launched: Bi-Turbo EVO, Lunar and Cosmic, for a total of 5 models.

Rigorously transparent side panels, new materials such as tempered glass, RGB fans with controllers and remote control included, innovative internal structures for easy assemblage: these are the peculiarities of the chassis just launched by iTek.

The new line of gaming cabinet represent the optimum for those users who love the sensational lighting effects that RGB technology can offer, and for those ones who want a trendy case, also considering the competitive price.

iTek BI-Turbo EVO

iTek BI-TURBO EVO is the evolution of the famous previous version. The aggressive style has remained unchanged, but it is inside that we find the most important differences.

In fact, this version comes with two already installed RGB LED fans, managed by a remote control and a “controller” able to accommodate up to 6 RGB fans. The structure is like every recent case, with “tool less” kit, an excellent cable management and with the body that optimizes the internal temperature covering the power supply and the optics, also able to support two 12cm fans for an exceptional air recirculation. Externally, in the upper part, we find 3 USB ports, including a 3.0, and a very comfortable multi card reader.

In such cases, a wide transparent side window could not be missing to show off the internal components.

iTek Lunar 19 e Lunar 23

The new iTek LUNAR series offers cases with a unique and elegant shape thanks to the front panel equipped with a tempered glass panel designed to offer an incredible lighting effect that will be created by the 3 installed RGB LED fans. All the system is managed by a remote control and a “controller” able to accommodate up to 6 RGB fans.

Two are the versions, Lunar 19 and Lunar 23. Both cases, in addition to the aesthetic aspect, also give satisfactions for the technical peculiarities: in fact there are 3 USB ports, one of which 3.0 and in the case of the Lunar 19, a very good 17mm cable management for an exceptional assemblage experience.

iTek LUNAR 23, moreover, has a tool kit less for HDD / SSD as well as an appreciable cable management from 22mm. Particularity of the cabinet, the transparent side wall, in tempered glass too.

iTek Case Cosmic 19 e Case Cosmic

iTek COSMIC 19
and COSMIC 23 are cases with a captivating appearance while maintaining a certain sobriety thanks to the front panel equipped with a tempered glass panel that covers the particular “honeycomb” effect grid.

This new concept has been designed to offer a fantastic lighting effect that will be created by the 3 installed RGB LED fans (in addition to the 3 optional RGB fans supported).

The package also here includes the remote control and the “controller”.

As in the Lunar series, the cabinets are both equipped with 3 USB ports, one of which 3.0, but the two models are distinguished by the additional features of mounting a tempered glass transparent side panel, a tool less kit for HDD / SSD and an excellent 22mm cable management (in the Cosmic 19 model the cable management is 17mm).

As for all iTek products, the warranty is 24 months long.

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iTek focuses on gaming chairs with the Taurus S2 and P3 series

After the successful launch of the new category, here you have the presentation of new features and colors.

iTek fans and the enthusiast audience in general have answered positively to the launch of the new category of gaming chairs. They found quality, style and great price. Users, in addition, note that they have been projected with an ergonomic design that allows to improve and optimize the posture during long sessions of play or work and that it benefits different parts of the body, from the head to the feet.

Today, the range of iTek chairs is composed by 3 versions. Now it is expanded with two new series, S2 and P3 introducing a new color and evolving into features and reaching as many as 20 different models in the catalogue. Another news concerns the different color combinations, on both series, which allows us to offer a more sober but appealing solution. Finally, it is possible to notice the change in the texture of the seams in the central part.

Starting from the S2 line, the chairs are upholstered in fabric such as for S1, always equipped with two cushions, one for the head and one for the back. It is allowed the recline of the backrest and it can be turned through 360°.

The real news lies in the possibility of adjustment (angularly and height) of the armrests. The combination of colors in red and green has been reversed, and it is added to the full black version.

The three versions are offered with a suggested retail price of € 209.90 including VAT.

Same price positioning for the new P3 series, which maintains the appealing shapes of the previous P2.

They are lined with polyurethane synthetic leather and equipped with double cushions: a headrest with the symbol of the bull and a lumbar pad with the iTek logo. Backrest recline and height adjustment are permitted.

Also in this case, the armrests are adjustable in height and have a swiveling support on both sides.

The colors available are black-green, black-red and black-yellow.

Finally, after the many requests received on social media, iTek has chosen to expand its color range: after the introduction of the blue nuance at the beginning of Q2 2017, white color is the protagonist. Currently available in the two inverted black-white combinations for the P3 model, in leatherette.

Always careful to market demand, iTek continues its evolution, proposing new models, new colors and new features. And it does not end here … stay tuned!

Comfort, strength and style
are confirmed as key words for the Taurus Gaming Chair by iTek.

All packages include the instruction manual and the related assemblage components which is simple and quick.

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New liquid cooling system ICERED

Available in two version: with 120mm single fan or with 240mm double fans.

The latest iTek product is an all-in-one liquid cooling system. The R & D department of the company has worked hard to perfect the newborn in the category that already brings great satisfaction for a couple of years. In fact, the enthusiast market is increasingly looking for this type of solution to make its desktop systems perform well and quietly.

Today we introduce: iTek Taurus ICERED 120 and ICERED 240.

iTek TAURUS ICERED 120, is a pre-filled liquid heatsink, therefore free from maintenance and recharges, practical and versatile. The ceramic bearing pump and the copper base plate guarantee long life, excellent dissipation and incredible quietness. The waterblock, with pre-installed Intel bracket, is compatible with most Intel and AMD CPUs and is easy to install. Very soon, adapters will be available to support the new AM4 socket. The thermoplastic pipes are extremely reliable and allow excellent angles of rotation. The included 120mm red LED fan has the PWM function.

Same features for the model Taurus ICERED 240 except for double fan of 240mm on radiator dimensions: 273x120x27mm.

The aesthetic factor of this water cooler stands out compared to the competition thanks to the intriguing logo of the red-backlit bull, as required by users equipped with cases with transparent side panel, in addition to the installed radiator fans, also equipped with red LEDs.

Finally, we can confirm the excellent price positioning, proposing the radiators respectively at € 69.90 and € 89.90 (suggested price to end users including VAT).

As for all iTek products, the warranty is 24 months long.

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