New Liquid CPU Cooler ICEBLACK

Liquid CPU Cooler ICEBLACK 120/240 RGB:

The newest comer in iTek stands out for its avant-garde and versatility.


Today we present the new iTek liquid cooling system. ICEBLACK is an “All in one” pre-filled, therefore free from maintenance and refills, and is demonstrated immediately practical, silent and efficient.

With its extraordinary design, the pump with ceramic bearings, the copper base plate and the radiator, guarantee a long life cycle and an excellent dissipation. It is easy to install and compatible with most Intel and AMD CPUs, thanks to the brackets present in the original packaging. The PFA coated tubes, with a diameter of 10mm, are extremely reliable and allow excellent angles of rotation.

The greatest advantage is its versatility, in fact the RGB lighting of the Taurus logo and the fans can be managed, at user’s discretion, by remote controller or by software.

The cooler is available in two versions: ICEBLACK 120 RGB and ICEBLACK 240 RGB.

They only differ for the single 120 mm fan with black aluminum radiator (155 x 120 x 27 mm), or for the double fan of 240 mm (120 mm x 2) with the radiator in the same material (275 x 120 x 27 mm).

The fan, with a 4Pin connector and PWM functionality, has 12V voltage and works at speeds from 500 to 1800RPM.

Other features:

Airflow: 69.36 CFM (max)
Pressure: 2.08 mm H2O (max)
Noise level: 31.6 DBA (max)

One of a kind: our new ICEBLACK liquid coolers are positioned on the market at a great price!

Suggested retail prices are respectively as follows:

iTek ICEBLACK 120 RGB: €59.90 inc. VAT

iTek ICEBLACK 240 RGB: €69.90 inc. VAT


Like all iTek products, the warranty is 24 months.

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