iTek introduces a couple of news in Taurus gaming peripherals line, strictly RGB: A mechanical keyboard and a mouse, both programmable.

iTek Taurus confirms itself as a trendy brand for gamers across all categories, from chairs to headsets, from pads to cases.

Nowadays RGB technology is a must for the enthusiast market, so it is impossible to not follow the trend for satisfy users’ requests, even the most demanding ones.

In the last few days, they have been introduced the last two iTek items, both peripherals, specifically one keyboard and a mouse. Every device with exceptional performances. Let’s go down into the details.

Here it is, iTek TAURUS X30 is the keyboard destined to become the must have of the catalog. Ideal for gamers and pro-gamers, it is equipped with highly performing blue mechanical switches.

The peculiarity of the TAURUS X30 is the RGB backlight present not only in the keys, but also laterally, thus creating a multicolored effect of lights around the keyboard that is really appealing.

Each key, produced with a double injection of Gemini plastic, is “suspended”, allowing a simple and immediate cleaning.

The full black body is made of a very resistant alloy, further supported by an internal metal plate for a greater stability. Additional features of the X30 include: macro, multimedia, N-KeyRollover, anti-ghosting, polling and Windows locking. Moreover, from the website it is possible to easily download a very intuitive software in order to program and customize the keyboard.

The same support is also guaranteed for the iTek TAURUS G60 mouse, it is in fact planned the possibility to take advantage of the MACRO functions, as well as customize the RGB backlighting.

TAURUS G60 is in fact a programmable gaming mouse with extraordinary details and performances.

It is equipped with Omron switch and Avago A3050 engine that allows up to 4000DPI. It has a polling frequency at 1000Hz and a response time of 1ms, 8 times faster than conventional gaming mice.

iTek TAURUS X30 and G60 will be available from March 2018 in the official network of Italian distributors, dealers and online shops of the brand; at a recommended retail price of € 64.90 and € 19.90 including VAT.

Keep improving your gaming experience… with iTek TAURUS.

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