Smart devices for mobile charging! This is the new iTek catalog proposal

Always a point of reference in PC power supply, starting today
we insert in the catalog 8 new smart items for mobile recharging.
And it’s not the only news.

Today we present what for us at iTek is one of the novelties of 2019, namely the “smart” accessories line for charging devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, laptops, power banks etc. at home, on the road, in the car or wherever you are. We have made use of the best factories to present you a product of excellent quality, at the right price and in step with the times.

To make these new items cutting-edge in fact, are the technologies adopted for fast charging through USB ports with Quick Charge ™ 3.0 system and / or USB-PD (Power Delivery) connection using USB-C connectors and cables (Type-C ) that allow the equipment to recharge better (avoiding damage to the device due to an excessive supply supply) and faster than the traditional form, considerably reducing the connection time to the current (the charge for compatible devices reaches up to 80% in just 30 minutes *).

The USB-C, also known as Type-C, is the latest developed USB connector already on the market. Since the majority of the world’s leading brands are supporting this new technology, it is believed that in the short term it will be adopted on a large scale. It seems that USB-C will replace all current USB standards, guaranteeing better performance, maximum compatibility and longevity, ease of use – both high and low, will allow entry into the dedicated port, as well as greater ease of management and in transporting the device which will be lighter and thinner due to the smaller connector.

Moreover all the loaders are Smart ICs, that is they integrate an intelligent loading system that automatically regulates the power supply.

* The estimated charging time is indicative. Varies depending on the cable, the product used and environmental factors.

Let’s go into the details of the products.

There are eight new articles that are divided into three categories as follows: two car chargers, two table-top and four wall-mounted

The car battery chargers are both 6A and with two USB outputs, aesthetically appealing and compact. The 36W model has two USB Quick Charge ™ 3.0s, while the 42W charger has a Quick Charge ™ 3.0 port and a USB-PD Type C port. Given the number of technological devices we always need to recharge, even on the move, we already consider them a “must have“.

Excellent allies in the home or office are table-top loaders that we offer in two versions. The first 60W with 5 USB ports: 1xUSB-C PD, 1xQC ™ 3.0, 3xUSB Smart capable of loading up to 5 devices simultaneously with intelligent control at maximum speed. The second version is 40W and comes with 5 outputs including one QuickCharge ™ 3.0 and the remaining four USB Smart.

The four wall chargers differ as follows: two solutions, 33W and 60W, to charge two devices simultaneously via a USB-C PD and a USB QuickCharge ™ 3.0, a 24W charger with double USB Smart and finally a 25W with three outputs, two of which are USB Smart and one USB QuickCharge ™ 3.0. Functional and pocket-sized, ideal for use on the go or wherever you want.

In this phase of expansion of the catalog, we have combined the new category of smart mobile chargers with a restyling and a revision of our universal notebook power supplies. There are four new models, all with 12 connectors to offer wide adaptability with notebooks, ultrabooks and tablets on the market. In addition to the basic 65W and 90W power supplies, the 120W model stands out, compatible with the needs of more powerful enthusiast notebooks and a new 90W version in slim format with soft touch rubber coating.

Here are our new products: smart, compact, functional, of excellent quality and always with the right price.

Available on the market in the best computer and consumer electronics stores, which can be consulted on the dedicated page of our website

ITSCC2U36 |Car charger 36W, 6A (2x3A) con 2 porte QC3.0, Smart IC / 11.90€ i.i.
ITSCCUC42 | Car charger 42W, 6A (2x3A) con 2 porte: PD+QC3.0, Smart IC / 16.90€ i.i.
ITSCT4UC60 | Desktop charger 60W, 13.2A (2x3A, 3×2.4A) con 5 porte: 1xUSB-C PD, 3xUSB Smart, 1xQC 3.0, Smart IC / 33.90€ i.i.
ITSCT5U40 | Desktop charger 40W, 12.6A (4×2,4A, 1x3A) con 5 porte: 4xUSB Smart, 1xQC 3.0, Smart IC / 27.90€ i.i.
ITSCW2U24 | Wall charger 24W, 4.8A (2×2.4A) con 2 porte USB Smart, Smart IC / 11.90€ i.i.
ITSCW3U25 | Wall charger 25W, 7.8A (2×2.4A, 1x3A) con 3 porte: 2xUSB Smart, 1x QC 3.0, Smart IC / 19.90€ i.i.
ITSCWUC30 | Wall charger 33W, 6A (2x3A) con 2 porte: 1xType-C PD, 1xQC3.0, Smart IC / 22.90€ i.i.
ITSCWUC60 | Wall charger 60W, 6A (2x3A) con 2 porte: 1xType-C PD, 1xQC3.0, Smart IC / 32.90€ i.i.


ITNBAE65 | Universal Notebook Power Supply 65W con 12 connettori, porta USB 5V1A, 100/240VAC, 15/20VDC / 14.90€ i.i.
ITNBAE90| Universal Notebook Power Supply 90W con 12 connettori, 100/240VAC, 15/20VDC / 18.90€ i.i.
ITNBAC90 | Universal Notebook Power Supply 90W con 12 connettori, porta USB 5V1A, 100/240VAC, 9. 5/24VDC (Gom S.T.)  / 25.90€ i.i.
ITNBAE120 | Universal Notebook Power Supply 120W con 12 connettori, porta USB 5V1A, 100/240VAC, 9. 5/24VDC / 27.90€ i.i.


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