We are in the right gear and now we are accelerating by presenting 12 cabinets, certainly one of the most important product categories for our company, and to date the one that has undergone the most evident renewal.
We have developed 4 new lines for various models, which differ in technical specifications, aesthetics and dimensions. Let’s find out together starting from the high end.

Let’s start with the MAJES cabinets. Alongside MAJES 20 EVO and MAJES 20 MESH EVO, already on the market but renewed with the new logo, here are MAJES 30 and MAJES 40.

Confirmed in the Full Tower format, MAJES 30 features a black geometric cut front that leaves room for a perforated base that enhances the optical effect thanks to a mesh of ARGB LEDs. This very special front and the 12cm ARGB fan pre-installed on the back are connected to the convenient internal controller that can manage up to 6 ARGB fans / LED strips.

The ARGB LED connection is also unique in the MAJES 40 model, which is equipped with a fully perforated front, where you can see 3 of the 4 12CM ARGB fans supplied, the other is located on the back.

The extraordinary lighting effects of MAJES 30 and MAJES 40 can be managed via motherboard software, buttons on the controller or via the supplied remote control with radio frequency (and not infrared) technology which guarantees excellent signal quality.

Both cabinets, with a very solid 0.8cm thick structure, allow you to house the best hardware on the market, liquid cooling up to 360mm, cpu heatsinks up to 165mm high, latest generation video cards that can also be placed vertically and various fans additional: all very practical to install thanks to the excellent 28mm cable management.

ITGCAMAJ30 Case MAJES 30 – € 79.90 i.i.

ITGCAMAJ40 Case MAJES 40 – € 99.90 i.i.

Let’s now move on to VERTIBRA, the mid-range series that is characterized by high-level features and a contemporary aesthetic. With VERTIBRA we expand the product proposal with 6 models joined by common specifications as the structure is the same, but the aesthetic peculiarities, the color and the number of fans mounted inside are different. We go into detail model after model also revealing the suggested prices to the public.

The V210 case is equipped with an exclusive front, perforated, completely illuminated by a mesh of ARGB LEDs, partially covered by a metal plate that defines its intriguing aesthetics. It mounts a 120mm ARGB fan on the back and integrates a large transparent side window in tempered glass. Both peculiarities, common to all the following models!

VERTIBRA H210 comes with a fully perforated front, where you can see the 3 ARGB 12CM fans supplied.

This model, VERTIBRA S210, stands out for its elegance, being smooth on the front. Available in black or white, in this cabinet the air flow is allowed thanks to the slits on the side.

The peculiarity of the VERTIBRA X210 case is represented by the alternation of ABS elements and perforated areas, the latter illuminated by a mesh of ARGB LEDs.

VERTIBRA Y210 features a very special perforated front panel, reminiscent of a leaf and its veins. Totally illuminated by ARGB LEDs.

All the ARGB devices integrated in the VERTIBRA series are conveniently pre-connected to the internal controller which is able to manage up to 6 ARGB fans / LED strips. The management of ARGB lighting can take place via motherboard software, buttons on the controller or via the supplied remote control with radio frequency technology. The latest generation VERTIBRA structure allows you to install liquid cooling up to 360mm, heatsinks up to 165mm high, video cards (with the possibility of arranging them vertically using an optional kit) up to 350mm long and various additional fans. Highly practical in assembly, the cable management is 28mm.

ITGCAVV210 Case VERTIBRA V210 – € 69.90

ITGCAVH210 Case VERTIBRA H210 – € 89.90

ITGCAVS210 Case VERTIBRA S210 – € 64.90 (S210W – € 69.90)

ITGCAVX210 Case VERTIBRA X210 – € 69.90

ITGCAVY210 Case VERTIBRA Y210 – € 69.90

Finally, we introduce SPACIRC and LIFLIG, the 2 product families that will stand out for their excellent price positioning.

SPACIRC for the moment is divided into two products, Spacirc XO and Spacirc VO:

SPACIRC XO is an extremely versatile and functional solution. The front with ABS elements and perforated areas, thanks to a vertical LED strip and a 12cm ARGB fan, combines an intriguing aesthetic with excellent air flow.

Despite the great price, the performance can be at the top since there is the possibility of mounting high-level components such as 315mm VGA, heatsinks up to 154mm high, and several options for liquid cooling. Two pre-installed 12cm ARGB fans, one on the front and one behind. The excellent 21mm cable management and the solid and spacious structure guarantee a comfortable and orderly assembly.

SPACIRC VO differs from the previous one in the front thanks to ABS elements and perforated areas.




The interesting proposal in LIFLIG’s Micro ATX format with Liflig B41 and Liflig P41 is still double.

Itek LIFLIG is a cabinet with reduced dimensions but with extraordinary potential. The front is very attractive thanks to the vertical LED details, while inside we find several features to make the assembly comfortable and tidy such as: the cage that covers the power supply, a 28mm cable management, multiple possibilities to optimize the air flow and internal temperatures thanks to the predisposition for the installation of fans and air or liquid cooling of different sizes. The side wall is obviously in tempered glass to admire the heart of your system. Available in black… and PINK!

ITGCALLB41 Case LIFLIG B41 – € 54.90

ITGCALLP41 Case LIFLIG P41 – € 59.90


All the articles presented are available in the best e-commerce and at official itek partners!


ITEK Staff

ITEK was founded in 1999 as a high-tech brand specialized in the production of accessories and PC cases. Over the years it has been committed to continuous updates of the product lines in line with the various demands of the market, resulting in being able to offer high-performance and technologically advanced products, always with an eye to sales and after-sales services. In 2016 the renewal of the entire line of gaming peripherals was announced, presenting TAURUS. The PMs have worked on increasing the quality of design and production, as well as renewing them completely design by creating a whole new range of items that will bear the symbol of the bull.
In 2020, ITEK takes a further evolutionary step through the restyling of its brand and the related launch of various products in the catalogue with a new logo.


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