Top aesthetics and maximum functionality for the new iTek Taurus cases Universal ARGB fans and controllers, a plus on all models

Today we present five new chassis to tickle the curiosity of our fans with cutting-edge proposals and captivating aesthetics. Three middle tower solutions: THE ROCK, SHAKE, FROOME and two midi: EPSYLON 2.0 and QBO 8 EVO.

Let’s look at them in detail, starting from THE ROCK.
It is an extremely versatile and functional solution. The mixed ABS and mesh front combines an intriguing aesthetic with excellent air flow, offers the possibility of mounting all the latest generation components such as 360mm VGA, heatsinks up to 160mm high, and different options for liquid cooling. It includes an ARGB ARYA 2.0 fan on the back connected to the new controller capable of managing up to 6 ARGB fans or strips. The excellent 21mm cable management and the solid and spacious structure guarantee a comfortable and orderly assembly

The SHAKE case, on the other hand, comes in two variants, with a transparent acrylic or perforated ABS (SHAKE MESH) front for those looking for a top airflow. In the front there are 3 12cm fans of the ARYA2.0 series with ARGB addressable lighting accompanied by a third rear, all connected to the convenient internal controller. The extraordinary lighting effects can be managed by means of the motherboard software, buttons on the controller, case reset button or by means of the remote control supplied with radio frequency technology. The structure allows you to host the best hardware on the market, liquid cooling up to 280mm, heatsinks up to 160mm, latest generation video cards and several additional fans


FROOME, the case that combines aesthetic harmony with top-level performance. This thanks to the very solid structure, 0.7mm thick, and generous in the spaces, able to allow a very comfortable 29mm cable management. It allows the possibility of mounting 380mm long video cards, 165mm high heat sinks, liquid cooling up to 280mm and up to 8 fans of different sizes. We find four of them already included, strictly ARGB of the ARYA2.0 series, and among these, 3 are located on the front in mesh to offer truly optimal air circulation. The entire ARGB system can be connected to the motherboard allowing the user to manage the lighting via software, remote control or buttons on the controller itself. The side wall is in tempered glass to embellish all the hardware inside!

We now reveal the particularity of these cabinets, that is the equipment of the new iTek Taurus fans: There are three models: ARYA2.0, T-RING ADV and T-RING ADV 20cm. These fans, unlike the previous ones, have a new universal 3pin, 5V connector, which can be connected to most ARGB HUBs on the market as well as to almost all motherboards. As for the fans, we have also made the controller much more versatile by allowing up to 6 ARGB fans / strips with the above connection, 3pin, 5V, also thanks to the remote control supplied with radio frequency (and non-infrared) technology ) which guarantees excellent signal quality.

Turning to the micro ATX models, here is EPSYLON 2.0, the natural evolution of the namesake case. The “mesh” front with 3 ARYA 2.0 fans supplied, the cage that covers the power supply and the upper part – with magnetic dust filter – capable of hosting 2 optional fans, ensure excellent air flow to the system. The fans, octagonal and rigorously ARGB, are connected to a HUB compatible with the motherboard software, but, in the absence, it is still possible to manage the extraordinary effect of lights by remote control. Excellent 28mm cable management, the possibility of installing air and liquid heatsinks and the side wall in tempered glass to admire the heart of your system. It is a cabinet with extraordinary potential̀.

iTek QBO 8 EVO is a one of a kind case. The “cube” shape makes it very versatile for various situations and applications. It features 3 transparent acrylic walls designed to show how much power can enter a small space.

The front “mesh” houses a 200mm ARGB T-RING fan and in the back we find one, always 120mm ARGB, both managed by the convenient controller with radio frequency remote control. If that were not enough, it is also possible to install liquid cooling with radiator up to 240mm thanks to the special bracket provided. In the lower part there is a removable and washable dust filter. We have the possibility to install VGAs up to 300mm long and heatsinks up to 170mm, thanks to the horizontal positioning of the motherboard. Finally, this cabinet is equipped with 3 USB ports, one of which is 3.0 and a very comfortable card reader for TF and SD.

There are therefore many new products available online and at the stores of our official partners, but we have not stopped here and we have taken the opportunity to also expand our “SOHO” range by introducing two other chassis at this launch.

EXENT 3M, an elegant and functional case at the same time, with an excellent quality structure, recommended for medium-high end Office & Professional systems.
Details not to be overlooked: the power supply and the 3.5 “slots are positioned at the bottom and sheltered by a box capable of containing the heat produced and making the assembly more comfortable and orderly.
The keys and USB ports are positioned at the top for more convenient access and a beautiful aesthetic rendering of the front
SYLENT 05, a refined, spacious but above all extremely silent cabinet. It is suitable for hosting the latest generation hardware components such as 375mm long video cards or 163mm high heat sinks. Three extremely silent fans, supplied, optimize the internal air flow and the insulating and sound-absorbing material applied in the bulkheads (side, front and top) make it perfect for the creation of a very low noise system.

Suggested public prices:

ITGCTRK40 | THE ROCK Case | € 44.90
ITGCASHKP38 | Case SHAKE | € 72.90
ITGCASHKM38 | Case SHAKE Mesh | € 72.90
ITGCAFR43 | Case FROOME | € 85.90
ITGCAEP072 | Case EPSYLON 2.0 | € 56.90
ITGCAQBO30E | QBO 8 EVO Case | € 54.90

ITOC3MEX | Case EXENT 3M | € 33.90
ITGCSY05 | Case SYLENT 05 | € 44.90

MAJES 20, the habit that makes the monk. The new cabinet able to enhance the best of the hardware on the market.