Warranty Monitor LCD

Pixel guidelines.

A pixel (picture element), corresponds to a single point of a graphic image.
Products with LCD technology display images by dividing the screen into thousands (or millions) of pixels, arranged in rows and columns and connected together. Each pixel is composed of a combination of three sub-pixels: one red, one green and one blue.

A defect in a subpixel is also called “point defect“.

Bright pixel: it is a white pixel or a sub-pixel always on a BLACK background.
Dark pixel: it is a black pixel or a sub-pixel always off on a colored or white background.
Mix of sub-pixels: it is given by the set of bright sub-pixels and black sub-pixels.


iTek’s policy regarding defects in LCD screens.

During the production process of LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) monitors, it is likely that one or more sub-screens remain on or off. These minor visual imperfections do not affect the performance of the Product.

iTek provides the warranty service on the LCD panel if the following problems have been detected and verified:

> 3 defects with bright sub-pixels (bright spot on a black background)

> 3 defects with black subpixels (dark spot on a white background)

> 5 defects with a mix of sub-pixels (both bright and black)